Electric Locomotive Prints and other files

These files will be updated and augmented as needed.
Last update 5/26/6

  • Assembly Notes

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    appear compressed and unreadable. Use the "Expand to Regular Size"
    gadget to make the prints full size so that they are readable.

  • Drive shaft bearings
  • Axle bearings
  • Battery box details
  • Drive assembly details
  • Frame component details
  • Plate, tube, and barstock component details
  • Truck assembly details
  • Equalizer details
  • Body shell details
  • Frame Wiring Diagram
  • More Photos
  • An "Electric Locomotive" wallpaper
  • Videos

  • Electric Loco in the Deep Woods
  • Georges Ride through the Jungle
  • Plowing the Line
  • Visit my Video Site for more Electric Locomotive and other videos