The Relay Box and other schematics

- This is a schematic diagram showing the HH controller harness and the contents of the relay box. It mostly contains the main relay, horn relay, and a hand wired circuit board which controls the horn, bell, and head lights.

The Hand Wired Circuit Board

- Once inside the relay box, the Bell/Horn signal is split into separate drivers. The bell driver energizes the bell for about 20ms every second. The horn driver is designed to drive a relay. - The headlight driver is also split inside the relay box. A low level on Mars/Head resets the timers forcing both head lamps on. A high level allows the timers to operate causing them to flash alternately.

Battery Charger

- Five output voltages not counting the -10 and -18 volts. The fan runs off the -18 volts with a 20 ohm resistor in series to cut it's voltage down to 12. Each of the battery outputs is about 18 volts open circuit.

Chassis Lighting

- Service lights are on the trainline harness. The trainline wires are for brakes for the entire train. There is a service light on each side of both trucks.

Handheld Controller