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Thomas Bee
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248-935-8234 9am to 5pm EST

How to Build a Coupler Pocket

A mechanical drawing from Tom showing
how to make coupler pockets from 3/4" steel angle HERE.

Tom's Instructional Videos!

Locomotive Driver now available RTR!


Okay, so not everybody builds their own steam locomotives. But for those who do, here's a 10" driver, 1.125" thick and with a 3/4" axle bore. Tire machining is already completed with Tom's legendary profile. That's a big timesaver. Just $95 each, ready to roll.

If you need that crankpin hole drilled, it will be a little extra, but don't hesitate to ask. Tom has other driver sizes as well, so please see the Price List.

$$$ Cash for Couplers $$$

"A while back I announced a "coupler upgrade" program. This is how it works. The customer will get to do something with his old, broken, worn out, or otherwise scrapped couplers."

"I will give a five dollar discount on one of my new cast steel couplers if he trades in any "two part" coupler (that is knuckle and base) in any condition, any material, any manufacturer (as long as it's 1.5" scale). This same offer applies to my old cast iron couplers. ($5.oo off)"


There are MORE
New Customer Photos!


Swing Bolsters, Steel Wheels, and
Grease Fittings on
Modern Trucks

Now available as an option on MFCT (Modern Freight Car Trucks) are swing bolsters. Also, steel wheels are now standard. (The photo above was taken BEFORE this was the case.) Select the image above to learn more.


MFCT trucks can now be ordered with grease fittings installed. If you already have MFCT trucks you can also apply this upgrade yourself. Zerks can be threaded or pressed in depending on type and what tools you have available.


Double Bearings on
Bettendorf Trucks

Now available on BFCT (Bettendorf Freight Car Trucks) are optional double needle bearings. This option is recommended when using the 1000 pound (purple) springs and on riding cars, especially in talgo (or articulated) configurations. Select the image above for more.

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