Bettendorf Freight Car Trucks

Modeled after AAR 50 ton Bettendorf trucks
FEATURING: (per pair)
  • Eight service-free automotive quality sealed needle bearings
  • Primed and painted surfaces (cast iron gray)
  • Snap-together assembly design
  • Molded plastic spring retainers
  • 4 different spring weights
  • 4 count spring pack at each sideframe
  • Axles contoured and black-oxide treated for a realistic look
SCALE:1.6 inches equals one foot
MATERIAL:Ductile iron
WEIGHT:50 pounds (per pair)

Top of bolster to top of rail       3 9/16"
Overall length (flanges included)  13 1/2"
Overall height (flanges included)   4 3/4"
Overall width                      13 1/2"
Stock diameter of axles             1 1/8"
Wheel diameter                      4 3/8"
Wheel width                         13/16"
Stock wheels are ductile iron, contoured to IBLS standards
adding my own personal finishes. (see technical section)

Steel wheels are optional (see price list)
FLEXIBILITY: The rise of any wheel at rest is 3/8".
standard   500 lb GVW (gray springs)
optional   750 lb GVW (beige springs)
optional  1000 lb GVW (purple springs)
optional   150 lb GVW (stainless steel springs)


Double Bearing Option

Bettendorf trucks are available with double bearings
for extra heavy duty service. (see price list)

A short video on how assemble Tom's Bettendorf freight car trucks.