Air Brake Systems

Who needs brakes, anyway?
Brakes are the best way to control trains on hills and stop them in
emergencies. Some clubs require them on all locomotives and at least half
the cars. Insurance company mandates may eventually require them on all cars.
Tom Bee offers effective, economical brakes for all his trucks.

Brake System modeled after the "air over piston" design
(trucks are inverted.)

FEATURES:                  Simple, user-friendly operation
                                   (more pressure...more brake).
                           One-piece hanger/lining assembly.
                           8-shoes with heat resistant brake pads.
                           Road clearance to minimize damage in the
                             event of a derailment.
                           Easily installed onto trucks.

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DIMENSIONS:                Air cylinder = .625" id.x .842" od x 2.125"
                           Piston seals = 5/8" od x 3/8" id x 1/8" thick
                           Flexible hose = 1/8" id x1/4" od
                           Brake beams = 1/8" x 1" x 8 1/2"
                           Pressure application = 0 to 50 PSI

MATERIAL:                  Cylinders     red brass tubing
                           Pistons       delrin
                           Brake arms    cast aluminum
                           Fittings      CNC machined brass (Clippard)
                           Hose          urethane (Clippard)
                           Brake beams   hot rolled steel
                           Piston seals  buna-n rubber
                           Linings       non-metallic, asbestos-free
                                           temperature to 450 deg F 
                           Adhesive      five minute epoxy

A short video on how to connect the brake hoses to Tom's trucks.

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