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The next task is to machine the cylinder covers, the valve covers, and the valve crosshead guide. But how do you hold a round or cylindrical object while milling? The answer is simple. Use a lathe chuck instead of a vise.

Image 15: Machining Cylinder Covers

Once the valve and cylinder covers and valve crosshead guides are complete, they can be installed on the engine. In the photo below, note the brakehangers already installed, and the "cow catcher" casting, which is not yet installed.


Image 16: Valve/cylinder covers on.

And here's a view from underneath. Cylinders and saddle are secured with ten 1/4"-28 bolts and four 5/16"-24 bolts. Also notice the threaded drain holes in the cylinders. Four automatic drain cocks will screw into these holes.


Image 17: Cylinders/Saddle Secured

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