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4/29/6 - April gone already? Time to weld that boiler.


Image 94 -- It's Ken welding on the front firebox wall.

I had to go to Texas for a week. I got back yesterday. I live in New Hampshire and work in Texas. Ken and I both did some welding on the boiler. We are welding 1/4" plate to 5/16" thick pipe. Plus we are welding beads on both inside and outside.

We are outdoors on a windy day, which is no problem for MIG using fluxed wire. Fluxed wire likes to spatter, so I put oil on surfaces where I don't want the fireballs to stick. We have put almost 2 pounds of wire on already. It's about 60 degrees out today.

5/1/6 -- May Day


Image 95 -- Boiler Outer Shell Ready to Go.

The boiler has been cleaned up and filled in preparation for painting. My wife bought some paint that is supposedly good to 1000 degrees farenheit. It will work good on the smokebox, but will also be OK on the boiler, which does not get as hot.


Image 96 -- Rear Walkways Bolted to Cab.

The rear walkways weld to the sides of the firebox and bolt to the cab. Here they are bolted in position prior to attaching to the boiler.


Image 97 -- Looking Down

Walkway extension inside the cab have not been added, and neither have the cab floor or floor sills. Those will be added after the walkway/cab supports are welded to the boiler.


Image 98 -- Looking Down Inside Cab

This is about where the cab will sit on the boiler. The doors in the cab front wall have been hung with dollhouse hinges which were rivetted to the doors and front wall. Yes they really work.


Image 99 -- Starting to Look Like a Locomotive.

Yes, this is starting to look like a real locomotive. But fear not. There is still plenty of work before one can call it finished.


Image 100 -- Home Made Cab Roof Hinge.

I had to build this hinge to allow me to swing the cab roof open. The little hatch that Gene Allen gives you is really not big enough to get at everything that needs to be attended to.

5/20/6 -- Test Fit the Boiler


Image 101 -- Test fitting the boiler and cab..

I set the boiler and cab on the frame to see how well it fits. Not bad so far.

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