Mikado, List of Drawings

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Drawings by Part Number or Name


2srd1 Saddle, clip, rocker, #4 yoke 2srd2 Equalizer beams, spacers, rear sideframe 2srd3 Transverse equalizer, links, retainer 2srd4 Links, hangers, coil holder, equalizer pin 2srd5 Main leaf springs 2srd6 Trailing truck leaf springs and buckle 2srd7 Front hanger, double clevis 2srda1 Spring rigging assembly 2srda2 Spring rigging assembly


4fm1 Frame (front) 4fm2 Frame (middle) 4fm3 Frame (rear) 4fma Frame (zoomed out)

Frame Details

4fd1 Spreaders, pilot equalizer yoke 4fd2 Radius arm hanger, pin, and keeper 4fd3 Trailing radius arm hanger, pin, front boiler support 4fd4 Drawbar spreader, brackets, boiler rear support, spacer 4fd5 Drawbar, bracket, drag beam 4fd6 Front deck, frame plates, crosshead guide bracket 4fd7 Valve gear beams 4fd8 Boiler supports 4fpb Pedestal binders

Frame Assembly

4fsa1 Front 4fsa1b Front (springs and bearings) 4fsa1p Front (showing pivot) 4fsa2 Middle 4fsa3 Rear 4fsa4 Front (motion works) 4fcs Cross-section 4pbm Pilot beam

Cylinders, Saddle, and Pistons

3csa Cylinder and saddle assembly 3sad Saddle and bottom cover 20casma Cylinder and covers assembly 20chp Drop link, crosshead pin & assy, piston rod, bushing 20cpn Piston, guide, and spacers 20csa Cylinder assembly 20csb Cylinder assembly 20cvr Cylinder covers and rod gland 20pch Crosshead and bearing 20pvl Valve piston, liner, rings, rods 20vch Valve rod gland, cover, crosshead 20vcr Valve covers and crosshead guide

Valve Gear

21vga1 Valve gear assembly 21vga2 Crosshead, return crank assembly 21vga3 Reverse shaft, arms 21vga4 Return crank assembly 21vgd1 Inner valve gear bracket 21vgd2 Outer valve gear bracket 21vgd31 Reverse shaft bearing 21vgd32 Lifting link 21vgd33 Lifting arm 21vgd51 Reverse link 21vgd4 Radius rod and fork assembly 21vgd52 Link plate 21vgd53 Link and die pins, die block 21vgd61 Return crank 21vgd62 Union link 21vgd63 Eccentric rod 21vgd71 Various bushings and pins 21vgd72 Combination lever 21vgd8 Lift link pins and bushings

Drivers and axles

11das Driver and axle assembly 11dasb Driver axleboxes 11daxb Driver axles 11drvb Drivers 12abl Axlebox layout

Side rods

7rod1 Center rod 7rod2 Front rod and pin 7rod3 Rear rod, retainers, bushings, crankpins 7rod4 Main rod and rod end 7mwas Motion works assembly


8blasm2 Cylinder assembly 8brk1 Lever parts 8brk2 Beams, hanger, clevis 8brk3 Buckle, beams, adjustment rods 8brk5 Shoe and arm 8brk6 Cylinder bracket, plate, adjustment ring 8brk Assembly drawing (no number) 8brkasm Lever assembly 8topv Top View (no number)

Smokebox, Domes, and Stack

3smd1 Smokebox cover, dogs, and door 3smd2 Smoke Stack 3std Steam and sand dome bases, bodies, covers, lids 3smba Smokebox assembly

Pilot Truck

15pd1 Transom spreader, Radius bar, equalizer beam 15pd2 Frame, transom spreader, binder, spring saddle 15pd3 Axle, axlebox, wheel, spring and pad 15pd4 Swing links, Yoke and pin 15pta Assembly drawing 15pta1 Yoke pin and nut, assembly

Trailing Truck

16tt1b Axlebox, swing links, pin 16tt2 Box frame, spacer, swing link pin 16tt3 Wheel, axle, transom spreader, radius bar 16tt3b Wheel, axle, transom spreader, radius bar 16ttam Assembly drawing

Fire Door

1fd1 Frame 1fd2 Upper/lower firedoors and pin 1fd3 Mounting plate, clevis, push rods, lever, spacer 1fbda Assembly drawing


1bfo Boiler

Tender Trucks

5ttd1 Axlebox, cover, pedestal 5ttd2 Truck frame, bolster, spring retainer 5ttd3 Center and rubbing blocks, brake brackets 5ttd4 Axle, Wheel, Bearing 5ttd5 Snubber, rubber blocks, Eq, spacer, Ped binder 5tta1 Assembly, overhead view 5tta2 Assembly, side view 5tta3 Assembly, front/back view